A historic mural in Glasgow's Southside

A bespoke mural for new home feature wall.
Creating large scale bespoke murals is one of my favourite things about my job. Everything from discussing the project to meeting the clients and finalising the design excites me.
The mural I was asked to design in Langside, the heart of Glasgow's Southside was no exception. 
The clients property was in the old Scottish Power building nestled at the side of the River Cart between Battlefield and Cathcart, it was a building I knew well before it was transformed into luxury flats. However, I wasn't aware of the amazing history the building had or that it had so much in common with my own interests and passions.
During the mid 20's the building was occupied by the Wallace Scott Tailoring Institute. A highly sought after garment manufacturer in the south side of Glasgow. The building hosted a wealth of facilites for the garment workers including a cinema and outdoor tennis courts. There is a great website here which shows some more detailed pictures and information about the building.
cathcart house stairs
Since it's closure it was used as the Scottish Power headquarters until recently being converted into some beautiful modern flats.
The client contacted me to create something unique with all the white wall space in their new home but wanted to ensure they paid tribute to the buildings past.
They sent over a main list of items they wanted on it which included the main building, the 'DO IT BETTER' sign that used to hang over the machinists. I then looked into different aspects of the history and wanted to make sure I included the amazing stairway design and outdoor spaces. 
As with every mural, I designed it first, sent to the client for them to make any changes and once agreed on a final design I mocked it up on photoshop so they could see what it would look like.
If you head to my instagram page you can see the video here 
Final image below!
finished mural law illustrates